Add an accent

By: Anna Oliver

Add an accent

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Toronto, it seems like our mid-winter “spring” is over and we’re back to the true cold and dreariness of February.


I don’t know about you, but when the weather outside is “frightful” (sorry - did I just get that stuck in your head?) I tend to spend a lot of time cooped up inside with my faithful canine sidekick, Griffin - and the longer I’m home, the more I start to feel like it’s time to make some updates!


It might not be the right time for you to take on a major renovation, and that’s just fine. Often, a few small changes can make all the difference and have your home feeling fresh and new again (just in time for the spring market, if you’re thinking of selling!). So where do you start?


My go-to first tip for freshening up a room without doing a complete overhaul is to add a new accent or focal point.


Love your furniture, but still feel like it’s time for something new? Pick up some fun new wallpaper or an exciting paint colour and choose one wall to become a new accent piece for the room! Maybe it’s the main wall behind your TV or your bookshelves, or the one behind your couch (or bed - bedrooms need freshening up sometimes, too!). Changing up just that one wall can make the whole room feel new and exciting, without all the work of re-painting the whole thing.


Not quite ready to commit to paint or wallpaper? An even quicker fix is pillows - grab a couple new throw pillows in a fun colour or pattern and you’re off to the races! You’ll be surprised how such a small addition can change the whole feel of a room.


Add one new accent to a room in your home this week, and tell me it doesn’t feel like a whole new space. Maybe we’ll even run into each other perusing paint samples!


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