Home Decor and Staging - Not just for selling your house

By: Anna Oliver

Home Decor and Staging - Not just for selling your house

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Chances are that when you’re ready to sell your property, your agent will recommend staging your place or even include that service in his or her offering. While staging a property can certainly increase the appeal of potential buyers and highlight the home’s features, it’s usually a temporary measure and once the property is sold, the décor goes away.

What about the times when you’re not selling? Whether you’re thinking of renting your property, are a frequent mover, or just want to spruce up your existing décor, engaging the services of a home stager can be a very wise investment. While most stagers will come to your home, measure, review and advise on what you can do, sometimes that process is not a feasible option. If you’re like me, quick and easy is often the necessity.

When I moved into my current apartment I knew I needed help with decorating. As someone with a busy schedule, I didn’t have time to devote to appointments and consultations. This is where my friend Ariel of PMQ for two came to the rescue. Ariel did my consultation remotely via FaceTime and Skype.  I sent her measurements and photos of the spaces I wanted help with, and she provided me with a handy e-design package. We did the whole process online and at a time that was convenient for me. Being that she is based in New Brunswick, this was definitely an arrangement that worked well for both of us.

As part of a military family, Ariel is quite versed in changing postal codes on a regular basis and has finessed her decorating skills to make each new place feel like home. She also uses those skills to help others adapt to their new surroundings. Sometimes that involves working with clients through e-design, just like she did with me.

Ariel provided me with the tools I needed to decorate my new place and the best part was, I was able to get the pieces I wanted at a price that worked for me, and at my own pace. This certainly made the process less stressful and convenient.

5 reasons to engage a professional for your decorating needs

1 They’ll have access to a wide variety of products, brands and acquisition systems you may not as a regular consumer.

2 They’ll visit your space with fresh eyes and may suggest furniture arrangements or colour choices you had never considered.

3 They can help work through many options that you have been considering, while guiding you a realistic direction.

4 They’re likely to have excellent recommendations on a particular brand, either from professional or personal experience. You may love a couch from one store, but they’ll be able to recommend a brand with an excellent warranty and delivery service. The amenities surrounding major purchases count for a lot more in the long-run.

5 They can help you create the space you want, on the budget you want, with the best possible products, from thrifted to custom-built.


Learn more about Ariel and her services at PMQ for two here, and get inspired.