In like a Lion - Selling your home in early spring

By: Anna Oliver

In like a Lion - Selling your home in early spring

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March certainly came in like a lion, in Toronto at least. It feels like last Sunday’s +10 was a dream, doesn’t it?


Winter is an interesting time in real estate. Often, people think spring is the only time to list - but you know, I disagree! Some seasons are definitely busier, but the truth is the market never stops! If you’re looking at all this snow and thinking you should hold off on putting your house on the market - or maybe you already have an open house planned for this week! - I’m here to tell you that a little bit of winter weather is nothing to be afraid of.


Here are a couple tips to make the last few weeks of winter work for you, instead of against you, if you happen to be listing your house for sale:


1. Don’t let winter be an obstacle.


Make sure you have your walkway shovelled and salted - there’s nothing worse than having the buyers climb over snow banks. Also, make sure the potential buyers can get in -- have the lockbox in an easy-to-reach place and not frozen!


2. Show off your home’s functionality in the entrance.


Have extra space cleared out for hooks, hangers and boots - less is more!


3. Make it bright.


Days are shorter, so I always recommend having all of the lights on in the house. If you’re having an evening showing, have the exterior lights on as well. Have a fireplace? Turn it on! It makes for great focal point and cozy atmosphere. (But remember - don’t light candles or a fire and leave the home unattended - you just never know what can happen!)


I know winter can be intimidating when it comes to real estate - but hopefully, with these tips you’ll feel more prepared to take it on and get your home sold! March may have come in like a lion, but think how much you’ll enjoy it going out like a lamb with that SOLD sign on your (former) lawn…


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