(Un)orthodox Real Estate

It’s that time of year again — in the Fall, it seems a bit easier to believe in the supernatural,
doesn’t it?

Whether you check your horoscope every day, meditate, believe in a higher power, or don’t generally give it much thought, with the changing of the leaves (and let’s be honest, the appearance of jack-o- lanterns on neighbourhood steps) seems to come something of a rapprochement with the spiritual world.

The real estate world, on the other hand, can seem pretty cut-and- dried. When you’re dealing
with numbers and square footage and paint colours every day, you pretty much feel as far from
the supernatural as you can get.

It may surprise you to know that many buyers and sellers, and even their agents, use what
might be considered ‘unorthodox’ methods to try and make the right sale. Beyond installing new
appliances or redoing the landscaping, many people do in fact turn to the spiritual and the
supernatural to get a home ready to put on the market - or in hopes that it will sell faster. In my
thirteen years in real estate, I feel like I’ve seen it all.

Perhaps one of the best-known practices is the burial of a Saint Joseph statue. Joseph,
husband to Mary and stepfather to Jesus, has long been associated with the home, and it’s said
that if you bury his statue on your property (exact location and instructions vary depending on
who you talk to), your house will definitely sell. I don’t think any scientific studies have been
done to prove or disprove it, but it worked for my sister back in 2005, anyway!

If Catholic saints aren’t your thing, maybe you’re more interested in Eastern philosophies. Many
stagers and homeowners swear by the art of Feng Shui in preparing a home for sale - a quick
Google search will give you lists of tips and even links to Realtors who specialize in it. It’s hard
to argue with wanting each room to have a good flow of energy when potential buyers walk into
it, don’t you think?

Speaking of the buyer’s experience in a room, many people believe that colours themselves
have spiritual meaning and energy of their own. There’s certainly a psychological justification to
this - take a look at the way colours are used in packaging and advertising to encourage buying
behaviours - but maybe there’s a deeper spiritual truth to it, as well. Maybe it’s time to shop for
new accessories in certain colours, if the energy seems a bit off even with the help of Feng

If none of those are quite doing it for you, a bit of a crossover between the by-the- numbers real
estate world and the supernatural might be your thing: numerology. From simple things like not
listing on Friday the 13th, to more involved practices like finding out what certain numbers
represent before setting your listing price, there might be something to considering the numbers
you associate with your home when you put it on the market.

I can’t personally vouch for any of these practices, of course, but when a home just won’t sell -
or you’re really keen to start a sale off on the best foot possible - it can’t hurt to call in a little
extra help, can it? It might be something to meditate on, anyway…