Time is Precious - Time Saving Services

Let’s be honest - we’re all pretty busy. Whether it’s a demanding career, young kids, lots of travel, or any combination thereof, it seems like everyone has a lot on their plate these days!

Between your work, family, and social obligations, it can seem like there’s just not enough time
to actually do the basic things like laundry, cooking, or even grocery shopping - what some
people affectionately call ‘adulting’.

Whether it’s hiring a dog walker or someone to shovel our driveways, most of us have
outsourced at least some of our household responsibilities at some point. So why not go all the
way and take as much off your plate as possible? Here are a few ways to simplify your chore

Food Delivery
No time to cook? Craving pad Thai but lacking the ingredients (or the skills) to make it for
yourself at home? No problem - just order in. Obviously this has been a ‘thing’ for years - we all
remember the excitement of ordering in pizza when we were young! - but now with services like
JustEat and Foodora, you can find just about any cuisine you can think of, all in one easily
searchable place. It just keeps getting easier and easier to let someone else do the cooking for

Laundry Concierge
Let me be clear that this is not a sponsored post before I say this - Laundry Concierge has
changed my life. With a busy lifestyle and a black dog at home, it can be tough to keep up with
all the laundry! Now with Laundry Concierge, I don’t have to take time out of a busy week to
wash my bedding (or anything else!), and - bonus - that fitted sheet comes back perfectly folded
(and outside of Martha Stewart, who can do that anyway?).

Loblaws Click & Collect, Grocery Gateway and more
Who has time to wander around the grocery store looking for red pepper jelly? No matter how
organized I am, it seems like every time I go into a grocery store I end up backtracking a half
dozen times to get things I missed, and/or leaving with way more than I intended to buy. Well,
thanks to services like Loblaws Click & Collect, you can actually order your groceries online and
just pull up outside to have them loaded into your vehicle - no more aimless wandering and
impulse buys! And if you want to take it one step further, check out something like Grocery
Gateway - not only can you order and pay online, but your items will be delivered straight to
your door. No more hassle.

I know these might not seem like monumental advances for our society, but they’ve honestly
had a huge impact on my life and the time I have available for my work and the people I love. If
you’re looking for a bit of extra time in 2018, one or all of these might be the solution! Enjoy
the extra hours you’ll save…